All-round service for e-mobility.

Within the 360° ELECTRIC portfolio, BMW i brings together a wide range of innovative products and services which make electric driving a comfortable and pleasing everyday experience. We make everything simple – from home charging and the ease of using a continually expanding network of easy-to-use public charging stations to fully connected navigation.

Home charging

The most obvious difference when you first own an electric car is likely to be the change in your fuelling habits. You'll find that charging quickly becomes an intuitive routine. With 360° ELECTRIC, you can always rely on your new BMW i vehicle, thanks to the portfolio of 360° ELECTRIC Products and Services which have been designed to provide easy and convenient charging.

Imagine not having to go to a petrol station – instead enjoy the convenience of charging at home. You can charge the high voltage battery via any conventional electrical socket* with the standard occasional use cable provided. Or even faster and even more simply with the BMW i Wallbox. This all-mounted charging station for home use increases charging capacity, thereby reducing charging time and making it the ideal accessory for BMW i vehicles. The installation service available through BMW i is part of the complete Walbox package and is customised to your specific needs.

* BMW Group Australia recommends that BMW i customers charge at home via the BMW i Wallbox Pure. If the customer plans to use the standard Occasional Use Cable as the primary home charging equipment, BMW Group Australia recommends that the customer consults a licensed electrical contractor to determine suitability and safety of existing home electrical infrastructure.

    • For safe and convenient battery charging of your BMW i electric vehicle, we have a home charging solution that includes the ergonomically-designed BMW i Wallbox Pure. It’s perfect if you have a private parking space or covered area at your home. It provides charging power of up to 3.7kW, giving a charging time of approximately 6 hours for a full charge of the BMW i3 and < 2 hours for a full charge of the BMW i8.

      The BMW i Wallbox comes with a 4-metre long, tethered charging cable which allows you to connect to the vehicle with just one hand. The charging process starts automatically, unless you choose to delay it using the car’s seven-day in-built timer. Not only is the Wallbox well-designed, it is also made with sustainability in mind, using durable, mostly recycled materials.

      This equipment should always be installed by a licensed electrician.

      The BMW i Wallbox Pure is $1 750 (incl.GST) and includes a 2 year warranty.
    • As the BMW i Wallbox Pure should always be installed by a licensed electrician, a home assessment, delivery and fitting is available through BMW’s installation partner. The installation service is managed by BMW and customised to your specific requirements. Included in the service is a two year warranty.

      The installation service includes; a professional home assessment (RRP $190 incl. GST)* and a standard installation (RRP $470 incl. GST)*. If during the home assessment, our preferred installation partner identifies that further work needs to undertaken for the BMW i Wallbox to be fitted, additional costs will apply and this could vary from home to home.

      *Additional travel costs will apply if the customer lives outside the metro area.

      Please contact your BMW i Dealer for further information.

Public charging - ChargeNow

BMW creates innovative solutions for e-Mobility by giving you access to a network of public charge points – even if you have your own charge point at home. The charging stations in BMW’s partner’s network are displayed using the BMW i ConnectedDrive services in the navigation unit, making it especially quick and easy to find and use public charging stations. So BMW i drivers can easily find one of the increasingly common public charging stations in the city and top up their vehicle’s battery charge. With its 7kW charging capability, the BMW i3 can take full advantage of the public charging network's fast charge and you can be on your way in less than 3 hours, with the car fully charged.

Charge Now
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Charge Now

Every great revolution begins with a charge.

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ChargeNow is a unique service that gives BMW i customers in Australia access to the increasing network of public charging stations with a single card. Availability of a charging station will be displayed in real time, so you can see whether a station is available for use. Using the ChargeNow card, BMW i owners can easily access member stations. Your account information is available at any time on line and payment is simple, with one monthly online statement for all associated charges.

Assistance Services

BMW i owners can look forward to a large variety of products and services that offer excellent daily support. These include the BMW i Remote App and the BMW i ConnectedDrive navigation services. Use the BMW i ConnectedDrive services optimised for electric car travel to get the maximum range from your BMW i. And if your car requires technical assistance on the road, BMW Roadside Assistance will resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. With Assistance Services, you can rely on e-mobility at all times - and have peace of mind when driving your BMW i vehicle.

    • The BMW i3 with its BMW i ConnectedDrive solutions designed especially for electric cars is the first car to come fully networked as standard. Networked BMW i Navigation with Driving Range Assistant including dynamic range map and charging station display will help to find the most efficient way to your destination. The BMW i Remote App is the smartphone extension of the BMW i3. These comprehensive functions are specifically tailored to the requirements of an electric car and show how intelligent, versatile, and convenient electromobility can be with the BMW i3.
    • For BMW i vehicles, special service packages that are optimally tailored to electric cars have been developed These packages are available in differing durations for specific mileages and the following scopes of service:

      • Service Inclusive (maintenance only)
      • Service Inclusive Plus (maintenance and wear-and-tear repairs)

      Please contact your BMW i dealer for further information.
BMW i ConnectedDrive.

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